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Wealth Management for Retirees

Watersound Wealth handles your wealth management needs so you can focus on life's next chapter: enjoying retirement.
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Financial Security

Achieve Your Financial Goals in Retirement

You have goals for retirement, whether it's maintaining a desired lifestyle, traveling the world, or leaving a legacy for your loved ones.

Our personalized approach assesses your financial situation and creates strategies tailored to your specific needs, focusing on income sustainability, investment management, and tax efficiency.

With our expert guidance, you can confidently navigate your retirement years with financial security and peace of mind.

Customized Financial Plans

Developing Your Financial Roadmap

Our approach to wealth management focuses on understanding your unique retirement goals and financial situation. Our advisors craft financial plans that incorporate cash inflows, such as RMDs, Social Security, and income generated from your portfolio, against cash outflows to help you live the retirement of your dreams.
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Synthetic Pension

A highly-customizable strategy that transforms your investment portfolio into a cash flow-generating asset that gives you consistent income throughout retirement

Private Credit

A form of private financing outside of the traditional public debt markets that gives you access to niche markets while generating steady income streams in the form of interest payments

Traditional Fixed Income

A lower-risk investment vehicle that can provide predictable income while preserving your capital and protecting it from inflation

Alternative Fixed Income

An income-producing investment vehicle that offers exposure to non-traditional fixed income investments with different risk and return characteristics compared to traditional fixed income
Expert Portfolio Management

A Portfolio Focused on Growth & Cash Flow

Achieving financial success in retirement requires balancing growth and steady cash flow.

For our retired clients, our advisors focus on crafting a portfolio that that combines strategic asset allocation with market analysis to select fixed income and private credit vehicles that not only protect your capital but also provide growth potential.

About the Team

Our team of wealth advisors is focused on one thing - your financial success.

Our investment team - composed of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts (CAIA) - relentlessly searches for new and innovative investment ideas to strengthen and fortify your investment portfolio.

You may be presented with new investment ideas quarterly, and our quarterly conference calls include information about new investments currently being considered by the investment team.

Meet the Team

A fiduciary financial advisor is one who always and only acts in the best interests of their clients.

Fiduciaries are bound by theĀ Fiduciary Standard, which requires advisors to always put the best interests of clients first.

Our Services for Investors in Retirement

Our comprehensive retirement investment services are designed to provide peace of mind and financial security for your golden years. Whether you're looking for ways to generate steady income, safeguard your assets, or optimize your portfolio for long-term growth, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

A Portfolio Focused on Yield & Income

Our advisors tailor your portfolio to prioritize dividends and interest payments, which may provide steady income and enhance your earnings without taking on excessive risk.

A Financial Roadmap for Retirement

From efficient income management and tax planning to investment choices and estate considerations, we cover all bases to maintain your lifestyle and secure your legacy.

Tax-Efficient RMD Planning

We analyze your individual financial situation, taking into account your age, account balances, and tax status, to develop a plan that strategically times and sizes your withdrawals while complying with IRS requirements.

Estate Plan Review

Whether it's updating your will, revising beneficiary designations, or ensuring tax efficiencies, our team affirms that your estate plan aligns seamlessly with your current life circumstances and future goals.

Charitable Gifting Strategies

Our expert team will guide you through the most advantageous methods of giving, including direct donations, setting up a charitable trust, and donor-advised funds.
Complimentary Portfolio X-Ray

Get a Complimentary Second Opinion on Your Current Approach.

Schedule an introductory meeting with one of our advisors to get started on a comprehensive audit of your current investment portfolio. Our team will comb through your investments line-by-line to highlight your portfolio's strengths and weaknesses. The insights gleaned in the Portfolio X-Ray will serve as the baseline for the construction of your future investment plan.
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