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Corporate Cash Management

Watersound employs cash management strategies for corporations & CFOs that work to optimize investment return, geared toward long-term growth.
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Target Yield (Net of Fees)


Average Margin Interest Rate (Line of Credit)

A Strategic Allocation

Optimize Your Business's Cash Reserves

Most corporate cash accounts offer a low yield in return for high liquidity. This can represent a difficult trade-off for executives looking for high-performing cash management strategies.

Through working with our larger institutional clients, we have developed a cash management strategy that maintains the same low-risk, high-liquidity profile as corporate cash accounts, but with a more optimized asset allocation, and higher target return, net of fees.

Harness the Power of Positive Arbitrage

Leverage Low-Interest Rate Lines of Credit

For organizations that typically utilize large lines of credit, a few percentage points can often translate to thousands of dollars' worth of interest.

Through a private partnership with a national bank, Watersound Wealth Advisors can offer interest rates as low as 6.25% on lines of credit.

We work with the financial executives of businesses to create arbitrage opportunities within this line of credit, taking full advantage of the lower rates to target a total return greater than the cost of maintaining the line.

Interest Rate

1.00% + Fed Funds Rate

Credit Line Type

Margin Line of Credit

Diversified Corporate Cash Allocation

U.S. Treasury Securities, Ultra-Short Duration Fixed Income, Alternative Fixed Income

The Treasury Department Financial Building Lettering and Pillars
A Wide Range of Benefits

Protect Against Inflation While Maintaining Liquidity

Complimentary Portfolio X-Ray

Get a Complimentary Second Opinion on Your Company's Current Strategy

Schedule an introductory meeting with one of our advisors to get started on a comprehensive audit of your current investment portfolio. Our team will comb through your investments line-by-line to highlight your portfolio's strengths and weaknesses. The insights gleaned in the Portfolio X-Ray will serve as the baseline for the construction of your future investment plan.

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